• Rebecca Schneider


It's never been easier to support black-owned businesses, with these curated lists and directories to search for products you need that you'd spend at major retailers. Learn about the BIPOC businesses in your local community that are in need of your support. Especially given the difficult time with COVID-19 and recent lootings.

Redirecting your economic resources is one way to effect change.

What are your favorite BIPOC-owned businesses? Share in the comments below!

Some ways to support these businesses:

  • Instead of buying items from large retailers, spend that $$ to fuel your local communities.

  • Follow + engage on social media⁠

  • Inquire about placing orders and purchasing gift cards to help support local businesses during COVID-19.

  • Share info about your purchases to your social media (tag 'em!)

  • Share their page with your friends

  • BUY gifts for friends and spread the word!

Directory of Black-Owned Businesses to Buy From (via Official Black Wall Street)

  • Search for businesses depending on category, location, and product.

Black-Owned Business Directory

  • Directory for Philadelphia, New York, Reading, Mayland, Virginia & ONLINE-ONLY businesses

  • Categories include: art, auto services, bakeries, beauty and hair, bookstores, business services, childcare services, clothing and accessories, community organizations, cultural, educational, and entertainment centers, food and dining, health and fitness and wellness centers, home and garden, legal services, lodging & travel.

Fuel your stay-at-home orders by ordering from this list of 70+ Black- Owned Wineries

Bonus: Plan a trip to visit the wineries with tasting rooms (once we can finally all travel again

Buy your friends and families (and yourself!) gifts from these Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Find & Support Black-Owned Businesses With These Apps & Websites