• Rebecca Schneider

Social Media and Resource Overload

Despite the circumstances, it's great that there's so much visibility FINALLY coming to racial injustice in this country, however there's SO many resources and links that it's causing resource overload and social media fatigue. Now is a great time to reflect on your personal social media patterns and behaviors.

With so much time and attention we spend on social media, let's use that as an opportunity to amplify BIPOC voices! Change up your algorithm by following these accounts, to start with.

This post by @fiveboi below shares 8 ways to strategic methods to handle what we're experiencing that's known as "Resource Overload". Click through the post to learn how to strategically manage your resource intake.

"Let's make sure we're preserving and cataloging these resources and not letting them get drowned out."

Adapt these methods to set yourself up for self-learning success!