• Rebecca Schneider

anti-racism & active allyship: A BEGINNERS GUIDE

There's a ton of reading and resources being shared, and you may not know where to start. It's also important to be mindful with how much information you're taking in at once (hello, internet and a 24/7 brutal news cycle) because the fight is NOT over, we still have a long way to go. So buckle up. There's a lot of un-learning to do, and it's a life-long process, and the fight for racial justice will not be over once the next "big news story" takes over.

Below you'll find resources that provide verified information on the accurate roots of our country's history that's left out of the US education system - (un-learn!) and actionable and manageable steps we can all and should incorporate into our lives and daily routine.

Guide to Allyship: An evolving open-source guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally

More resources to be added - please share links you've found helpful in the comments below!

The first step is in educating yourself. Use the resources in this guide to understand the issues that are at play. The next step is to not stay silent about racial injustice. Your silence is your consent. Use the resources below to begin to take action against racism so that you can cause less harm and work to end racial injustice.

Also, if you’ve been silent about racism because you didn’t know what to say, then consider the fact that there is tons of information about these issues all over the internet. What has prevented you from doing your research? What are you afraid might happen if you take a stand? Dig deep. Your answer to these questions are the underlying reasons why you haven’t spoken up. Be aware of your answers so that you can begin to transform them.

There is a lot of reading here, so one thing I've found helpful is to listen to interviews with the authors about their books. NPR and various podcasts have featured almost all of them. Here are a few to start!

So You Want to Talk About Race

White Fragility

Between the World and Me

How To Be An Anti-Racist (interview)

Understanding the Pain Fueling Nationwide Demonstrations

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Antiracism Resources for White People Alot of the resources posted here are pulled from incredible google docs curated and shared in a very organized and informative way. The majority of these docs are updated daily and there's always more to learn!

Antiracist Reading List Antiracist Reading List for All Ages Racial Justice Reading List for White People

Racial Equality Tools Racial Healing Conversation Guide NAACP Reclaim the Block Black Visions Collective Who is "Karen"? Color of Change